August Better Not Suck.

To date, this summer has been “One for the Books” as Molly Thomason would say. Things just keep stacking up that make it a challenge to maintain my ever cheerful and optimistic attitude. After a brutally long winter, we’re now having hit and miss summer weather. (There should be no need for jeans and sweaters during the day in June & July – evenn Halifax.)

In June I suffered a tragic computer disaster which saw me make the move to a Mac AND have to re-create all the files I lost – including bookkeeping for 5 companies. I can’t tell you how much fun that learning curve has been. Intuitive my ass. Intuitive if you haven’t been using a PC since computers emerged on the scene maybe!

Since June 30, we’ve had four summer shows and a fall tour cancelled. (I must point out none of these had to do with poor ticket sales, thank god.)

On Thursday when I should have been preparing for Songcamp (which is 30 strong this year), I had to have an emergency tooth extraction. At first, all seemed good. I went back to the party I’d left, had a couple of drinks with the girls and toddled off home happy that the dental issues had been looked after. Incidentally, I was the centre of great admiration by my friends who all thought I was a hero for returning after such a serious incident. At first I thought they were being a bit over the top, but it did take 30 minutes of yanking, pull, twisting to get the tooth out, so . . . by the end of the evening, I was totally buying into what a tough chick I am. Then Friday came. Up super early cause I’d lost time with the tooth thing, had two cups of coffee and my customary dozen cigarettes while working on the computer and bam! Agonizing pain again. Pills, more pills, friends’ pills, lots of writhing around, more pills. After some of the pills started having a marginal impact, I dragged myself to the computer and googled post operative care for tooth extraction (good, hey?). Apparently, alcohol, hot drinks, and cigarettes are not recommended post operative behavour after tooth extraction. Who knew?

Fortunately, my sister is a dental surgeon. I was texting her by 9:30. We met in our forties so this is the first time I’ve had occasion to get down on my knees and thank god she pursued the medical profession. She gave me lots of advice, told me what to take and is going to check it out this afternoon to make sure all of my teeth are not going to fall out while I spend 7 days in the remote highlands of Cape Breton (where apparently the only dentist for three hours is a gentleman who has long been retired).

The only reason I thought my tooth is the only thing that’s cracked, is that, while I am a mess, everyone else is rocking. (Well, not Lynn Daigle, she’s sprained an ankle again!) Dylan, hot on the heels of “Do it All Again”, has a great single coming out this week with Quake (“Summertime Win”) and he’s starting an 8 week run on Sunday nights at the Harbourfront (Casino NS) where he’ll be having in lots of surprise guests. We’re finalizing the art (always a treat for everyone) for Mo’s fall release – which sounds amazing. Molly’s getting airplay with “Silence Don’t Scare Me” and has lots of show in July. Kyle Mischiek also has a great single out – with a totally fun video (“Mine for the Summertime”). David’s Christmas release is well ahead of schedule, Laura Roy has a new manager who seems like a great guy, Dave Sampson’s debut is doing well. Oh, and I actually saw a band I didn’t know that blew me away this summer – The Brood. They were so good at the Casino contest that I went out at midnight last week to see them again – to make sure they were really as good as I remember. Check them out on Bandcamp. Gordie’s Songcamp starts tomorrow – 30 people and two public shows this year! It’s our 5th Anniversary so pretty much everyone is there – and we have new friends coming – Donovan Woods, Chris Noxx and Corey Lerue.

I guess as I write this that it hasn’t been that bad a summer. The good is outweighing the bad. Still, I could use a quiet August to catch up – because the fall is going to be exciting and crazy busy!


“Inner Ninja” featured in “St. Vincent” movie trailer, starring Bill Murray

The Weinstein Co. has released the first trailer for Bill Murray’s comedy “St. Vincent,” four months before its Oct. 24 opening. The trailer lays out the basic plot points of friendship between a 12-year-old boy and his dissolute neighbor showing him gambling, strippers and drinking. – Variety

Listen for David and Classified’s “Inner Ninja” in St. Vincent’s movie trailer below!

Joel Plaskett signs with Pheromone Recordings

Halifax’s favourite son and national indie rock icon Joel Plaskett has joined forces with Toronto’s Pheromone Recordings for the followup to his 2012 Scrappy Happiness album. Recording for the new album, Joel’s 8th since launching his solo career post the dissolution of Thrush Hermit, begins shortly at his own New Scotland Yard studio. It is scheduled for release early in 2015.

Joel will also headline Pheromone’s label night at The Horseshoe Tavern on the Saturday of NXNE, June 21.

Pheromone founder Kim Cooke commented, “In 1993 a teenaged Joel handed me a cassette of Thrush Hermit music at the East Coast Music Awards. I had the good fortune to sign him to MapleMusic Recordings ten years later in 2003, and I am over the moon to have him join me at Pheromone now. Joel is a consummate entertainer, be it solo or with his kick-ass Joel Plaskett Emergency, and he is one of Canada’s greatest contemporary songwriters.”

Joel looked up from the Neve Console at his studio, where he is always busy writing, recording and producing, to say this: “I’m really excited to be releasing my next record through Pheromone and to be working with Kim again. He’s been a huge supporter of what I do and he continues to navigate an ever-changing music business with integrity and class.”

Pheromone Recordings is a joint venture with Maplecore Ltd, whose MapleMusic Recordings has released Joel’s albums from Truthfully Truthfully through to Scrappy Happiness.

Travel Day

So, up at 2:45am to catch a flight to Montreal and on to Vegas with Wayne, my parents and a very good family friend. Yes, I know. I said 5 years ago that I was never returning to Vegas. It’s fine, but I’ve been there 20 times and I’m not that much of a gambler. Then my friend Loretta wanted to celebrate her 50th in Vegas with a girls’ weekend, so I said, OK, one more time. Then my beloved stepson decided to get married in Vegas. This trip, my mother guilted me with “this could be the last trip we ever take”. I am going to buy good old-fashioned atlases in bulk and give them to everyone for Christmas this year – and I’m ripping the Nevada page right out of every one of them. Too subtle?

But I digress. Wayne was ready early, my parents not so much. The trip to Montreal went smoothly (I love my new nexus card). Sadly, Wayne didn’t make the connection to Vegas (again, I love my new nexus card). A huge drag but I tried to look on the bright side – I had two seats all to myself! Then a very nice young man across the aisle from me asked if I’d mind moving to the window seat so his friend could sit with him. It was their first trip to Vegas so I sucked it up and moved over. Meanwhile, Wayne is back in Montreal madly trying to rebook his trip.

The seniors and I arrived in Vegas at 10:30AM. It was a leisurely stroll to the baggage carousel – the old dolls don’t move as quickly as they used to. We got to the hotel to discover that Wayne and I had been upgraded to a suite. Which might have impressed me if he’d put my name on the room and I could have actually checked in.

So, now it’s 11:30. My parents are CRACKING to get at the machines. After a very quick lunch, they scattered – all over the Casino. And you should see my mother go when she spies a machine she wants to play. There is no leisurely strolling going on, I’d describe it more as a trot.

I can’t get into my room, there is no lobby where I can sit and get online, it is far too hot to go out for a walk. So, I decide today will be the day I gamble. Sad for Wayne, who loves to gamble and is always trying to get me to throw away my money – but, what can you do? Now, drinks are free when you gamble in Vegas which should deaden the pain of losing your hard earned money, but today, I cannot possibly drink as quickly as I am losing. And you all know, I’m no slouch when it comes to consuming cocktails. After about an hour, 4 vodka and sodas and $120, I decide I must restrict my gambling to artist management. I take dad’s room key and go off for a nap, leaving the seniors to carry on with their gambling.

At 5:30PM, they come and get me for dinner, which involved another leisurely walk. (The trotting only happens IN the casinos.)

Wayne has finally arrived. We are in our suite. I have just answered the 206 emails that came in today.

Wayne is out, probably losing scads of money, but I can’t worry about that. I have to go to bed. My father (who is in great shape) is excited at the thought of having someone to walk with so has me booked for a 6AM jaunt tomorrow – which he tells me will include at least one casino stop and two beer. I think I’ve been had – their last trip my ass!!!!

- Sheri

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